Saturday, 6 June 2015


I don't know how I got the courage or motivation (as I am a procrastinator when it comes to these things) to do this but here I am. I did previously set up a blog, blogging about fashion but when I realised I had nothing to talk about I thought maybe it wasn't the right thing for me, or that I didn't have a major passion for the whole subject. I don't know what started off my (still growing) interest of interior design. I think it started when my grandma decided to build her own home. Looking at her picking out materials, colour schemes and furniture for the property it sort of sparked something within me. Now I find myself a year later (with the house built) that I can't walk into any home store without spending an hour in there picturing how I would lay these different styles of furniture into a property of my own. I look at the different materials of perfectly modeled sofas wanting to change them and incorporate them into my own style. I'm moving house soon, due to the divorce of my parents and thinking of the experience more exciting than daunting. My mum is going to (bravely) let me pick out furniture, colour schemes, materials and decor for the house which is going to give me some experience of interior design. Ive already had a million ideas of what colour scheme, furniture and decor I want my bedroom to have. I thought if I had the basic template of an all white bedroom then the decor that I could incorporate into it could be more exciting, and artsy. These are some of the furniture ideas I am thinking of:
 wardrobe: next home
chest of drawers: next home
bedding: Star by Julien Macdonald

I am still hunting for a perfect bed but I still have time. When I see the bedding I think big overstated pillows, varing in size and texture. On top of the chest of drawers I am thinking, a glass tray with little glass trinklets on it, some vintage styled jars which I could fill with interesting artsy objects and also have a large overstated vase. As you can tell I am very excited.

To conclude this introductory post I will hopefully be able to post often whilst juggling my many exams (only 4 left!). I hope you enjoyed this introductory post anyway. 
Until next time.